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EventsFrame deal is now available at AppSumo at an only one-time fee! 

EventsFrame is a powerful events ticketing system that makes the registration process simple, saving you time and money.


**Avoid paying unnecessary ticket fees to event systems

**Set up free or paid events within minutes

**Customize beautiful ticket landing pages that can be embedded in your site or shared via links

**Add time-based, bulk order, or special discounts to your tickets


**You will save tons of money to use the software

**Lifetime Access to EventsFrame AppSumo Plan

**Absolutely no ticket fees, ever!

**Automatic attendee surveys with custom fields

**Dynamic time based discounts ( ie. automatic early bird based on time )

**PayPal, Braintree and Stripe integration

**Also an option to accept payments via bank transfer, cheque, purchase order

**Attendee & order export to CSV

**Ability to hide “Powered by EventsFrame” branding

**Facebook Pixel & Google Analytics tracking

**Unlimited event landing pages (microsites)

**Unlimited attendees

**Unlimited discounts, tickets & events

**Host both free & paid events

**Built in SEO optimization (like structured data for Google)

**Google Maps integration

**60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

Yes, AppSumo offers 60 days money back guarantee! Why don’t you try the software and decide to keep it or not?

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WebARX discount The best way to protect your websites

The best way to protect your websites? WebARX can do the all hard work.

Today, we brought an awesome and powerful protection tool for your websites called WebARX. 

Here are the main features you will get,

*Complete security overview of all websites on a single dashboard

*Block hacking attacks and malicious traffic with an easy-to-install WordPress plug-in

*Automatic Slack and email alerts when any security or uptime issues are detected

*Monitor domain reputation, site errors, blacklists, domain expiration, and much more

“WebARX is a website security platform that helps freelancers, digital agencies, and website owners protect and monitor all of their websites on a single dashboard.”

-10 Firewall licenses (currently, only for WordPress. However, every PHP based CMS and native application will be available in October)

-Web application firewall

-Uptime monitoring

-GDPR cookie and privacy policy

-Defacement, incident monitoring

-Blacklist and reputation monitoring

-SSL monitoring

-Site health monitoring

-Malvertising monitoring

-Website software overview

-Access to website firewall logs

-Access to website activity logs

-Vulnerability scanning

-Domain threat intelligence (hacker chatter)

-Real-time security alerts

-Integrations (Slack)

With the deal right now, you will save hundreds of dollars. Click the link below to learn more about it!

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ClickMinded discount Clickminded SEO course review

The best SEO tutorial videos ever! ClickMinded is the one you are looking for.

Why do you need an SEO tutorial video? SEO is the most important aspect of skills if you want to succeed in both the online and offline business. Let’s say if you have a new store, how would you be choosing to promote it? Using an advertisement? Radio? Groupon? There are tons of choice for you to choose from, but they are very expansive. Trust me, I have to work at the big company for years doing the design and online marketing. They were mostly using the TV commercial, Radio, and Newspaper. 

But, they changed the methods completely since last few years. I introduced the website, blog, SEO, Video marketing, Adroll, and etc. to target the right keywords and people. It was correct. It worked very well. 

If you want to do an affiliate marketing will be the best way to learn about the SEO. Without the SEO, you will end up to lose money and all your effort. 

So, we brought the deal called, ClickMinded. ClickMinded is the tutorial videos that are teaching you all kind of SEO on online. 

The free version will give you an idea of how to use the keywords and SEO for your website. and, the paid version will give you more depth, trends, and Amazon to sell products etc. 

ClickMinded Discount deal will give you a lifetime access at one-time cost, and the version will update. 

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